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Microsoft is an American multinational corporation and technology brand that manufactures, delivers, sells, develops, and supports electronic appliances, software, home & office products and services. Microsoft, with a vast number of applications, products, software, and services such as Xbox, Microsoft offices, Skype, Mail, and so on has been delivering all the advanced services, functions, and, features to meet users’ requirements.

We at Microsoft Tech Support , are a team of certified techies with very high experience and knowledge who seeks to provide top quality of online Microsoft Tech Support for clients around the globe. We understand our clients best and know that encountering any technical hitches is very normal while using any product of Microsoft. That is why we offer reliable and immediate Microsoft customer support at Microsoft Tech Support to identify and fix the hitches that hamper your productivity and work. We have developed all the solutions and services for various Microsoft issues like Office software issue, sign in problem, activation issue, or any other problems even before the need arises. We strive hard to offer comprehensive and optimum solutions & services to these problems, with a team of certified and skilled Microsoft techies. We at Microsoft Tech Support resolve all simple and the most complex obstacles in the Major Microsoft products and applications.

Microsoft Tech Support


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Microsoft Product Key

We help you to find the serial number, product number, and key of your various Microsoft suite products.

Microsoft Tech Support Number

Microsoft Office Support

Get Microsoft customer service to Identify and fix your Microsoft Office issues with the help of our agents.

Microsoft Office Tech Support

Microsoft Window Support

Our experts solve office related problems and assist you to install or update the latest or compatible versions of Microsoft office.

Windows Customer Support Number

Microsoft Internet Support

We let you experience and enjoy the fast, speedy, secure and buffering free internet benefits with us.

Microsoft Office Customer Support number

Microsoft Skype Support

Any issue related to skype account? Get connected with us to get resolution and immediate Skype support services.

Microsoft Windows Tech Support

Microsoft Xbox Support

We resolve technical glitches related to Xbox, so you can play and enjoy latest, HD, and the best games.


How do I get my Windows product key?

The product key of Window 8 and Window 10 can be found inside the product packaging. Also, you can locate the product key and serial number on the motherboard which will be embedded on it.

Is it necessary to update the software?

For better and advanced tools, features, and productivity, we advise you to update your software products from time to time. Also, this software is designed to safeguard you against security issues.

How can I receive notifications related to Microsoft?

To get the daily updates and announcements from Microsoft Tech Support , you can create an account, and we will send you customized emails notifying of new software, updates, features, services and new downloads.

Would Microsoft Tech Support me to upgrade to window 10?

Yes, at Microsoft Tech Support , you get all the necessarily support and assistance related to your Microsoft Office products. Our experts will help you upgrade to window 10 and also assist you in fixing any technical issues with your Microsoft applications.

How do I free up space for the upgrade software or windows?

If you do not have sufficient storage space on your device, which might be necessary to complete the up gradation process, then try deleting junk files, prefetch files, Heavy, unused apps or you can use disk cleanup to free up and optimize the speed.

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"Microsoft Technical Support Help resolved my office issues quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend using its services. The technician was outstanding and Patient with me."

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"The Microsoft tech agent (Richard) that helped me to reset my skype password and fix my other issue was quite helpful and knowledgeable."

Microsoft Tech Support

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"Microsoft Tech Support is a great platform for taking the support related to various Microsoft products. I got connected to them quickly and didn’t have to wait to get my issues fixed."

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